Wellness, Beauty & Business

Providing education and practical skills in natural solutions to the common ailments and dis-ease facing the majority of people in our country. We seek to promote the use of natural remedies as much as possible, and actively work towards developing new products and services.

Traditional Medicines
A Better Life through Traditional Knowledge. South Africa’s wealth of indigenous healing and psychoactive healing plants remains poorly studied, and there is great potential in using these plants various properties to better manage the rising stresses of modern day living.

Many retirement facilities and communities cannot cope with the high demand of care that is needed on a emotional and wellness level. We are developing volunteer based programs for youth and adults to give of their time to help out in the areas of need. We will conduct a needs analysis of each facility and then activate volunteers to action these projects.

Body Rejuvenation products

Natural and plant-based oils, creams and salves that are produced by local community members and distributed through a franchise business model.